IGBO Amersfoort International School
Amersfoort International School

Foundation for Catholic Education Soest-Soesterberg and Catholic Primary Education Amersfoort and surroundings (SKOSS-KPOA) is an educational foundation, with 24 primary schools with different educational concepts. We believe in children’s power of development and offer them contemporary, future-oriented primary education of high quality. Our schools work together based on a shared vision, in which each individual school has the time and space to focus on its core task, in its specific neighborhood or village: Good education by the best Education Professionals.

For more information, visit www.skoss-kpoa.nl. All information on this website is in Dutch. Do you have any questions about SKOSS-KPOA? Please contact us by e-mail: info@skoss-kpoa.nl.

More information on Amersfoort International School may be found on the website www.amersfoortinternationalschool.nl.


Postbus 930
3800 AX Amersfoort


033 - 257 06 45


Amsterdamseweg 41
3812 RP Amersfoort